Shocking Video Shows Militant Shooting Down Helicopter With Missile Launcher



This is the horrifying moment a Kurdish militant group shot down a Russian made Turkish helicopter with an anti-aircraft gun.

Though only one minute in length, the video is devastatingly harrowing, showing a Turkish helicopter in the near distance as a PKK militant adjusts his huge surface to air missile, before firing and blowing it out of the sky.

The Turkish AH-1W Super Cobra helicopter was apparently in the area to aid Turkish soldiers who are in constant battle against the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party), reports The Aviationist.


Since 1984, the PKK has been fighting against the Turkish state for Kurdish rights. They are inspired by a modern interpretation of socialism which the Turkish state does not agree with.

The missile fired by the militants who are dressed in camouflage hits the chopper that starts to spin before breaking up mid-air and crashing behind a distant hill.

A voice is then heard reportedly chanting, ‘Cobra down! Well done!’.