Shocking Video Shows Moment Tiger Attacks And Kills Woman In Safari Park


Shocking footage of two women being attacked by tigers after a family row at a safari park has emerged online. 

The horrific attack, which left one woman dead and the other seriously injured, happened at Badaling Wildlife Park in Beijing, China when a young woman got out of her car while in the Siberian tiger enclosure.

As she walked round the car to argue with her partner, she turned her back on a tiger which pounced on her and dragged her away as her frantic family tried to rescue her, The Mirror reports.

FILE: Tiger Kills Man At San Francisco ZooGetty

A second, older woman also got out of the car to help but was then attacked by a second tiger, and park authorities confirmed she has died as a result of the attack.

The younger woman was seriously injured in the attack and remains in hospital.

ChinaNews reports the accident involved a family of four including three adults and a child, and that the safari park has been closed while authorities investigate exactly what happened.