Shocking Video Shows Pensioner Being Robbed At Cash Point



Awful CCTV footage has been released of a 93-year-old man being conned at a cash point.

He was tricked into taking the wrong card, and eventually robbed of a huge amount of money.

The despicable trio managed to con him out of £23,00 after withdrawing the cash from his account a few days later.

trick man1Telegraph

Police have released the footage and warned others to be on the lookout after the thieves managed to watch the man’s pin being put into the machine and trick him into taking a decoy card out.

DI Bromiley said:

What is quite clear from our inquiries so far is that these three men were very well organised in their deception and very selective about their victim.

They watched the gentleman as he came into the bank and then carried out this despicable and callous theft.

Horrible stuff.