Shocking Video ‘Shows Woman Jump Out Of Window After Boss Tells Her Off’


This shocking video seems to show the moment an office worker jumps out of a window after apparently being berated by her boss.

Posted to Reddit, the video begins with a man, apparently the woman’s boss, standing over her at her desk. He appears to be telling her off before slamming down a stack of papers onto her desk before storming off.

As he walks away the footage – apparently from a CCTV camera located in the perfect spot to capture the entire incident – shows the woman calmly get up from behind her desk and walk over to a window. She then proceeds to step up onto a chair and calmly steps out of the window before her startled colleagues rush over and look out.


There is no detail about the office worker or any coverage of a similar story, so it ids hard to establish whether the scenes are staged or not. The authenticity of the video cannot be verified and a different version was uploaded as long ago as 2011 – leading many to call bullshit on it.

It’s still insanely weird to watch though.