Shopkeeper Pulls Out Huge Scimitar To Have Swordfight With Robber


A robber got way more than he bargained for when the owner of the shop he was holding up with a machete fought back with a massive scimitar.

The incident took place in Perry Market in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with CCTV footage showing the masked thief charge into the store brandishing his machete and demanding money from the till, reports KDKA TV News.

But the robber didn’t get quite what he was hoping for as it turned out the shop clerk had his own weapon. After casually knocking the guy’s machete aside, he then grabbed an enormous scimitar that he had stashed behind the counter.

After a brief exchange, he realised he was no match for the sword-wielding shop owner, and the intruder made a quick – not to mention wise – exit.

And it sounds like he he was lucky to get away unscathed, as the clerk revealed he also had a gun as back up.

But the message from the owners of the Perry Market is that they want to encourage people to behave responsibly.


One of the owners told KDKA he had this message for the guy:

You don’t need to do that, you’re a young guy – well, strong and healthy – get a job. This is not the way – you’re gonna end up in jail or dead.

Sounds like strong advice to be honest – these guys just want to serve their customers and deter crime, and I guess having a small armoury stashed behind your counter is one way to do it…