Sick Bastard Filmed Himself Beating Model In Shocking Footage


Warning: Distressing footage.

A glamour model who was allegedly beaten and tortured by her husband has released footage showing the shocking abuse.

Berenger Rose can be seen cowering in fear, bruised from head-to-toe, and begging for her husband to stop.

The 27-year-old Australian told 9News she was regularly beaten by wooden poles and tortured with a cheese grater, and hopes that releasing the footage will help other women break free from violent relationships.

She told 9News’ A Current Affair:

Every day, I thought: ‘I am going to be that next victim. I am going to be that next woman that gets killed.’

He would throw my head into walls, he would bash my head in the side of my bed.

He would call me crazy. Tell me that I was the one abusing him and I believed him. I thought I was the one with the problem.

Rose met her husband, Shane Cuthbert, 25, on social media when Cuthbert started following the model on Instagram. He had sent her messages and, within a month he had moved in with her, and proposed four weeks later.

But, it was after they got married that the abuse started, Rose said. Cuthbert insisted they move to a remote town in northern Queensland, away from her family and friends. And she claims that since then she has lived in isolation with no privacy.


Rose added:

It started with that slap across my face and it escalated to him throwing my head into a brick wall. He would hit my head, beat my arms, my legs, my hands, everywhere. He would just beat me like that until I was black and blue.

But, despite the alleged beatings, she said she never contacted police before now. And, since her husband’s arrest, Rose contacted Australian programme A Current Affair to break her silence.

Cuthbert is now reportedly in police custody and expected to face a string of charges on March 16.

Let’s hope this bastard gets the charges he deserves.