Sickening Footage Shows Sea Completely Full Of Rubbish

by : UNILAD on : 19 Jul 2018 20:11
Plastic waste from coastline off the Dominican RepublicPlastic waste from coastline off the Dominican Republic@green4EMA/Twitter

Environmental activists are calling on everyone across the world to do more after they released a video showing the devastation plastic waste is having on the world’s oceans.


Footage of the damage caused by plastic waste was posted on Twitter by the Environmental Media Association. Filmed off the coastline of the Dominican Republic it shows huge contents of waste floating on top of the sea.

In the Twitter post, they urged their 18.2k followers to ‘Retweet for our oceans’.

They go on to write:


How many of these videos do we need to see before we change our habits? Our convenience shouldn’t kill our planet.

This was taken in the Dominican Republic via Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

Since going viral the video has been shared 1.2k times.

Reactions to Environmental Media Association’s video bring to light the need for everyone across the world to double their efforts to reduce plastic usage, which will reduce the detrimental effects it has on our planet.

Elizabeth Mouncher replied to the post by tagging big-name supermarket stores like Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, writing:

Lost for words. Come on everyone we all need to do our bit. That includes you the supermarkets please find your conscience. My pears do not need 3 layers of packaging. Bring back brown paper bags

Juan Carlos Sanchez said:


We should all be outraged by the continued destruction of our planet by its inhabitants, because if not we will no longer be able to be the inhabitants.

Christina Dayton replied, claiming:

This makes me so sad and sick… Of course dumping can’t be the only issue that caused this I’m sure some things came from hurricanes or floods

Karla-denise Sweetlo said:

To see this is sickining is this humanity’s legacy of being on earth?… we as a species caused it now it’s time we cleaned up our own mess time for mankind to take responsibility

One company stepping up to the plate in a bid to reduce their plastic consumption is Morrisons. On June 25 they re-launched their brown paper bag initiative for loose fruit and vegetables.

The move is part of a store-wide action, which competing major supermarkets are taking part in too, designed to eradicate single-use plastics.

It came a month after customers who buy meat and fish were encouraged to bring Tupperware to Morrisons’ stores across the United Kingdom.


In a press release, the UK supermarket chain listed a number of key initiatives they want to implement by 2025 in order to reduce plastic pollution.

They also pledged to make all their own-brand plastic packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable.

After conducting their own research, Morrisons claim plastic reduction is now ‘the third most important issue’ to their customers.

Morrisons Brown paper BagsMorrisons Brown paper BagsMorrisons/PA

The supermarket states currently 82 per cent of Morrisons in-store plastic packaging, by weight, is recyclable.

In order to reach their goal of 100 per cent, they’ll be working closely alongside suppliers, other retailers, local authorities and WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme).

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