Viral Video Shows Security Guard Slap Homeless War Veteran


This captures the shocking moment a security guard is filmed appearing to slap a homeless war veteran and asking him: “Why don’t you get a job?”

The man – who is unknowingly part of a social experiment by some youngsters in New York – is left in tears after a cruel exchange between him and the uniformed female, who walks away afterwards.


The sickening incident begins when the man asks for some change from her, after a younger counterpart manages to receive change from the security officer.

He said he ‘hasn’t had the chance to eat yet’ and is ‘very hungry’. But she slams him and simply says: “What you need to do is go get a job. I get up early every day, every morning. It’s work.”


The man hesitantly replies: “I understand you ma’am but right now I’m having a little difficulty and um…”, before the guard cuts him down and simply said: “I don’t care, get a job. It’s easy. Go open doors or something.” At this point of the exchange, she appears to slap him twice round the head and struts off.

This clip emerged after two lads dressed their young brother up as a teen beggar to get people’s reactions as part of a social experiment to see how people treat the homeless. He sat next to the veteran and the brothers set the camera rolling.

People persistently ignore the vet and favour the teen, giving him the money, some even hugging him showing sympathy. After that shocking confrontation with the guard, he has to defend his service to his country before a despicable man dumps their food over his head.


Asking Omar to watch his possessions as he cleans up, the veteran returns shortly with a slice of pizza for the boy- at which point Moe and ET reveal themselves.

Hugging the veteran, they hand him the contents of Omar’s cup and another $200 to get a hotel room.

They uploaded it to their YouTube channel, where it has been viewed more than 8.5 million times.