Sideshow Bob Is Finally Set To Kill Bart Simpson

by : UNILAD on : 10 Oct 2015 15:20


Simpsons fans stop what you are doing, because you’re going to want to hear this.


Sideshow Bob is finally set to achieve his life goal, after years of trying. Yeah, that’s right. He’s going to kill Bart Simpson.

According to showrunner Al Jean, Bart will finally meet his maker at the hands of his long time nemesis on October 25th.

The episode, in case anyone wanted to mark it down on their calendar, will be called ‘Treehouse of Horror XXVI’.

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Al Jean claimed:

You never saw the Road Runner lose. This time you do.

His whole life has just been about killing Bart, so what’s next? We deal with how Bob would really feel once he accomplished this goal he’s had his whole life.

There’s a betting pool on the manner of death. What I’m going to say is: Everyone in the pool is going to win because he gets killed so many times.

So there you have it. As part of what is sure to be a Halloween to remember, Bart will be killed in what is sure to be a pretty memorable way.

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