Silent Hill And Bloodborne Get The Unreal Treatment


I know you guys can’t get enough of stuff being remade in Unreal Engine 4, so today why not enjoy this charming double feature?

Recently, we’ve covered some lovely efforts that pay tribute to The Legend of Zelda, so now it’s time to go in completely the opposite direction and tackle the dark worlds of Silent Hill and Bloodborne. 

First up, 3D artist James Brady from The Creative Assembly (who worked on the fantastic Alien: Isolation) has recreated the Midwich Elementary School scene from Silent Hill.

Remember how this place was already fucking terrifying back when it was a murky collection of polygons and pixels? Yeah, it really didn’t need to be rendered in such high quality – it’s the kind of video that makes me pine for a new Silent Hill, or at least an HD remake.

Next up we’ve got the Hunter’s Dream hub location from Bloodborne. Now, I wouldn’t have said Bloodborne was in dire need of an Unreal video, what with the fact it came out on PlayStation 4 and is already a great looking game – but this one is a genuinely good effort.

We have artist Simon Barle of EA DICE (Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline) to thank for this one. Say what you will about the chaps at DICE, but they know how to make a good looking game.

So there you have it. Now it’s my far fetched hope that the two separate artists responsible for these videos team up and create the Silent Hill/Bloodborne crossover that we never knew we needed.