Simon Cowell’s Home Raided By Burglars While He Slept, Say Reports

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Simon Cowell isn’t having the best of times.

The music mogul has seen X Factor trounced week after week by it’s rivals (and even Countryside one week) in the ratings, and now according to police reports, his home was raided while he slept.

Burglars broke into his London home while he and his family were asleep and took cash and jewellery.

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Given his son was also asleep, the 56-year-old is understandably unnerved by events, and while the family were not harmed, the thieves did take a substantial amount of cash, with some reports claiming their loot was in the region of six figures.

It’s the second time Cowell has been burgled after an attempt back in 2012, with police reporting that the family were shaken but relieved no one was hurt.