Simon Cowell’s Voice In His First Ever TV Appearance Is Hilarious

by : UNILAD on : 04 Jan 2017 13:37

It’s 1990; the Berlin Wall has not long been torn down, Margaret Thatcher is finishing her third term as Prime Minister and Simon Cowell is friendly, funny, and… modest?


Looking at the outspoken, critical, V-neck wearing music mogul now, that’s pretty hard to believe.

But once upon a time, a 20-something Simon rocked a white T-shirt with rolled up sleeves and a bouffant hair-do. He was nice, and his voice was… Different.

Appearing on the 1987 Channel 4 show Right to Reply, Simon aired his youthful views on a controversial TV debate about sex.


But despite being much friendlier than his future self, he still displayed some early signs of his trademark savage insults.

He said on the show:

We actually thought the thing was a joke it was so bad and as we began to go through the show we realised that these people were actually being serious.

If you’re going to talk about sex you might as well make it informative and at least interesting and when we showed a video to our friends everybody agreed it was one of the most boring videos we’d ever seen in our lives.


It wasn’t anything, however, compared to some of his latest, which have included the likes of: “You look like the Incredible Hulk’s wife,” and “You’ve got the personality of a handle.”

Fast forward to 1990, however, and he was even nicer – if that’s possible.

During an episode of Sale of the Century, a gameshow offering prizes of useless, fell-off-the-back-of-a-truck knick knacks at a reduced price, a young Simon was introduced onto the show.

Instead of the cranky TV host we’d all expect was born ill-tempered, on comes a man in a suit, whose trousers fit just fine, and is, quite unsettlingly, funny, friendly, and – dare I say it – modest.


His appearance, surprisingly, does not have one needlessly crushing putdown in sight.

Who would have thought…

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