Sinéad O’Connor F*cking Hates Kim Kardashian



Sinéad O’Connor never holds back when it comes to throwing shade at people, and Kim Kardashian has just had a huge taste of that.

The Irish singer was not best pleased when she discovered that Kim had been given the front cover of the famous Rolling Stone magazine and proclaimed that music was officially dead in a pretty colourful Facebook status.

Kim features in the July edition of the magazine, wearing a typical ‘Kim outfit’ (cleavage, a pilot’s cap and some cleavage), with the headline “Kim! Inside her real world” directly next to her – which suggests that she hasn’t already been broadcasting the inside of her ‘real world’ to the real world for the past five years…


O’Connor quickly responded, and in typical fashion. The instant use of the C word solidified this. The public reaction to the rant, however, differed…

This isn’t the first time O’Connor has publicly obliterated someone, though. Back in 2013 she wrote an open letter to Miley Cyrus warning her that the music industry was “prostituting her”, which made sense, to be honest.

Miley didn’t think so, however, and started an online spot with the singer. Which did wonders for Sinéad.

We can’t hate her.