Sinister Footage Shows Ghostly Girl Creeping Into Back Of Taxi

by : Tom Percival on : 23 Jul 2016 13:43


Chilling CCTV footage of a ‘ghost’ following a man as he gets into the back of a taxi has emerged online.


The creepy black and white video shows a lone man waiting for his cab in the dead of night, The Mirror reports.

After the car arrives though, something ‘otherworldly’ happens when a spectral figure of a ghost follows the man into the back of the car.


The unaware passenger doesn’t seem to notice the figure that appears to have long black hair and looks similar to Samara from The Ring.


The startling clip is believed to have been filmed in Miyagi prefecture, Japan, an area devastated by the 2011 tsunami.

Apparently, other taxi drivers in the area have reported spooky goings on as well, and several drivers claim to have experienced a ‘phantom fare’ after the tsunami.

Camera-captures-ghost-woman-getting-into-taxi (1)Camera-captures-ghost-woman-getting-into-taxi (1)YouTube

They claim they start the meter and ask for a destination but the customer gives an odd response then vanishes.

Spooky as the grim figure is, I’m not convinced, it looks far more like a glitch on the camera than anything legitimately paranormal…

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