Sir David Attenborough Narrates Adele’s Hello


I didn’t expect to wake up this morning and discover that Sir David Attenborough has crossed paths with Adele, but I gotta say…it’s pretty exciting.

In fact, I think this has become a case of me liking the music video more now it has his narration. It’s very nice to hear the shots being clearly explained frame by frame.

He even gets a little dig in at the #flipphone. Check it out. Pure gold.

David launched into this narration (seemingly on the spot! What a pro) on Radio 1 in London where he was chatting about his current BBC natural history series, The Hunt. 

The line ‘she like all pop stars, needs to hunt to survive’ is likely a classy tie in.

#TheHunt is on BBC One, Sundays at 9pm. More info is on the BBC website.