Six Loud Bangs Heard At Scene Of Nuneaton Hostage SItuation


The Nuneaton gunman, who is allegedly the ‘ex of an employee’ and took two employees hostage at a bowling alley, has been arrested.

Six loud bangs were heard in quick succession at the scene before multiple ambulances turned up.

The two members of the bowling alley staff who were being held hostage at gunpoint have now reportedly been freed.

Eye-witnesses have said the gunman brought a hostage to the front door to ‘show them he’s serious’.

Unconfirmed reports are saying this is related to a recently-ended relationship.

There are hostage negotiators at the scene and the gunman is described as ‘white, heavily tanned’, about 40, and has claimed he has a dispute with someone inside the retail park.

Warwickshire Police have confirmed the incident is ‘unconnected to any terrorist activity’ and it’s ‘ongoing’ at Bermuda Park, Nuneaton.

The man is believed to be brandishing a sawn-off shotgun and is taking hostages at MFA Bowl in the leisure complex.

A twitter user said two members of staff are being held hostage and the suspect is the partner of one of the hostages.

A witness told Sky News:

We saw the gunman walk towards us. He was shouting and was aggressive.

Some of those who were locked down in the Odeon cinema were let out of a back exit after being told by police to stay there for around two hours.

The public has been warned to stay away from the Midlands retail park, with armed officers arriving at the scene.

According to the Coventry Telegraph, one man was told to ‘get the f*ck out’ of the bowling alley by a man with a shotgun.

Lloyd Weightman was with his two sons, aged 11 and three, when he came out of the changing facilities to find the bowling alley empty apart from the gunman.

The family went to the nearby Odeon cinema where they are now locked in.

One man has tweeted:

Odeon Cinema in Nuneaton, Warwickshire on lockdown man inside has taken hostages. Police have closed the area.

The public are offering help and a place to stay on Twitter for those in need.