Six-Month-Old Baby Found Dead In Mother’s Arms In Grenfell Tower Staircase


A six-month-old baby girl has been found dead in her mother’s arms inside Grenfell Tower, an inquest heard today.

Leena Belkadi and her eight-year-old sister Malak Belkadi both perished after inhaling fire fumes, Westminster Coroner’s Court heard.

Eric Sword said that Leena had been found in her mother’s arms in a stairwell between the 19th and 20th floor.


The first victim of the disaster to be named was 23-year-old Mohammed Al Haj Ali, a Syrian refugee.

His family released a statement saying he was pursuing studies in engineering.

They said:

He was a loving and caring person, always showing support and solidarity for friends and family stuck back in Syria.

His very last words to us were how much he missed us. Ever since he moved away from us, we tried to be united with him and his brothers, and now, instead, we have been united by his body.

The exact death toll remains unknown.