Six Murders Motivated By, Or Confessed, Via Facebook

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‘Be careful what you put on social media’ has become a mantra for the modern age, but some people have gone way beyond simply over-sharing.


Several murderers have owned up to their horrendous crimes on Facebook for the world, and the police, to see.


Man Murders Entire Family ‘To Relieve Their Pain’

In May 2015, Randy Janzen of British Columbia, Canada, admitted via a Facebook post to murdering his daughter, wife, and sister.


In the frightening admission of guilt, Janzen said the reason for his crimes were to relieve his daughter from a painful life full of migraines that prevented her from doing pretty much anything she loved.

He then went on to murder his wife so she wouldn’t have to live with the news, and his sister so she did not have to deal with the ‘shame’ he had caused.


Janzen, who signed off with the creepy sentiment ‘Love Daddio’, then set fire to the family home when police arrived, killing himself and destroying the bodies of his loved ones.


Man Stabs Daughter To Death And Posts Photos Online

Allegedly incensed by his wife’s refusal to return to the Philippines after working abroad in Canada, Mark Alvin Manliclic took a knife and repeatedly stabbed their seven-year-old daughter to death.

He then posted images of the dead child to Facebook for his wife to discover, before police arrested the 31-year-old on charges of parricide.

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Man Uses Facebook To Appeal For ‘Understanding’ Having Murdered His Wife

Derek Medina shot his wife in 2013 and used his Facebook timeline to provide photos as evidence, confess, and appeal to the world to offer him understanding.

Medina claimed following an argument that his wife was abusing him, and he reached breaking point, retrieved his gun and shot Jennifer Alfonso to death.

Devastated friends responded questioning what Medina had posted, but he closed his message by simply saying ‘I hope you understand me’.


Man Murders Girl To Win Free Breakfast Following Facebook Threat

Having posted threats to kill his ex-girlfriend on Facebook in 2010, Joshua Davies carried out the murder before revealing the crime scene to a friend who had promised a free breakfast should Davies follow through on his promise.

Rebecca Aylward was just 15 when Davies lured her into a forest before smashing her head repeatedly with a rock, after initially failing to break her neck.


The Aylward family have since taken legal action against friends of Davies who had awareness of his social media plot, but failed to report it.


Daughter Brags Via Facebook After Murdering Her Mother

In June of this year 23-year-old Gypsy Blancharde, who claimed she had survived Hurricane Katrina, and her boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn took to social media to celebrate executing Blancharde’s mother.

Having met Godejohn online, the pair are accused of having attempted to make the murder look as if a robber had committed the crime, emptying thousands of dollars from the mother’s safe.

Blancharde also claims to suffer from leukemia and muscular dystrophy, but police have argued the severity of the conditions has been exaggerated.


Woman Has Couple That ‘Unfriended’ Her Murdered

Billy Jean Hayworth and her fiancé, Bill Payne, were shot in 2013 by the father of a woman who felt severely aggrieved having been unfriended by the pair on Facebook.

Jenelle Potter of Mountain City, Tennessee, began to harass the couple using various fake profiles before eventually convincing her father to shoot the pair dead.

Hayworth was a new mother at the time, and was found clutching her child that thankfully survived.

Potter claimed that all she had ever done was ask the couple to leave her alone, but she was later imprisoned along with her mother and father, convicted on two counts of first-degree murder.

That is all seriously messed up.

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