Six Seemingly Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories That Were In Fact True

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We’re used to hearing that the U.S. and UK governments allegedly orchestrated the 9/11 and 7/7 bombings to invade Iraq, or that the moon landing in 1969 was filmed in a Hollywood basement – though these have never been proved.

As easy as it is to dismiss some theories out there, there are in fact some equally important and seemingly ridiculous conspiracies in the past that are actually true. So don your tin foil hat and scour the internet no more to find your theories- we have a list of them right here.

America Lied To Expand Its War Efforts In Vietnam

Not the most surprising one to start with. With many questioning their involvement in wars prior to this, the war-hungry nation reported two heated confrontations between themselves and North Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin, leading to their President Lyndon B Johnson to expand their war efforts. The reports claimed that a number of torpedo ships fired at the USS Maddox, but speculation was rife that it was just another lie dished up by the government to push forward with plans to increase the U.S.’s war efforts. Since then, a number of people have come forward to admit it that the attacks were made up, with the NSA deliberately manipulating intelligence reports in regards to the incident.

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The U.S. Poisoned Alcohol During The Prohibition Era

This takes the meaning of the question ‘what’s your poison?’ to a whole new level. Introduced in 1919, the short-lived prohibition of alcohol in the U.S. did a hell of a lot more harm than good, with at least a reported 10,000 people dying because of the law. Daring Americans began bootlegging the stuff, with often shocking results. Many lost their sight and began getting ill from consuming the homemade liquor and when the deaths started piling up, many suspected the government were involved in. That’s far-fetched you say? Nope, completely true. They added kerosene, gasoline, and a ton of dangerous chemicals to make it undrinkable. They finally came to their senses in 1933 and repealed the law – hindsight is a wonderful thing!


The CIA Had A Top Secret Mind Control Program

It sounds like the stuff of sheer sci-fi nightmare – governments quite happily brainwashing its people to do their bidding, but that’s what actually happened in this case. Conspiracy theories intensified after a lawyer of the the man who assassinated Senator Robert F Kennedy claimed he had been under government control. It all came out The CIA used mind altering techniques such as electroshock therapy and hypnosis and even LSD on their test subjects as part of their top secret MKUltra program. Sadly, only so much is known about the program as all files were destroyed in heed of the Watergate scandal in 1973, but many believe the program still runs today under a different name. The legend continues…

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North Korea Abducted Japanese People

The world’s most secretive state is never far from controversy and this theory has been a part of urban legend for decades. Between the late 70s and early 80s, it was believed that special agents from the rogue state kidnapped Japanese residents from coastal regions, with hundreds reported missing. The Japanese government, however, only officially recognised 17 abductions. North Korea repeatedly denied the claims until 2002, when their leader Kim Jong-il admitted to kidnapping 13 Japanese citizens, of which five were eventually repatriated to Japan. Tensions remain high between the two nations to this very day; though I could never imagine their current leader Kim Jong-un exactly being high up any world leaders Christmas card list.

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America Planned Terrorist Attacks On Its Own People To Create An Excuse To Go To War

Terrorist attacks on American cities and blowing up American ships- all sadly sounds very familiar, but these were two staggering ideas suggested by top U.S. military leaders. You will probably ask yourself, why would you do this to your own people? Short answer, war. They were hoping these attacks would push the American public to support a war against Cuba in the 60s. Although these ideas (among others) were fortunately shelved by then President John F. Kennedy, these kind of mad ideas have only increased paranoia among our friends across the pond.

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The U.S. Took On Nazi Scientists After World War Two

After the destruction of the Second World War, the U.S. and Russia scrambled over the remnants of any Nazi technology once the Cold War began gaining momentum. Then U.S. president Harry Truman agreed in 1946 to bring German scientists but apparently wanted to exclude active supporters of the Nazi party. But, instead the scientists’ life stories were completely rewritten and any traces of Nazi support were wiped off their dossiers. A staggering 1,600 German men and their families were imported to the U.S. from 1949 to 1990. Amongst them was Werner von Braun, who was instrumental in developing a rocket which destroyed whole communities in England and France during World War Two. He then worked as a director at NASA and helped get the Apollo spaceship to the moon- if you believe they did in fact go to the moon back then, that is…

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