Six-Year-Old Boy Has Penis And Fingers Removed For Disturbing Neighbour’s Sleep


A woman in China is facing ten years in prison after stabbing and slashing a six-year-old boy with a pair of scissors and a kitchen knife, removing his penis in the process.

The incident took place in Shaodong county, within China’s Hunan province. The boy fell victim to the savage attack for twice disturbing the sleep of a woman in the room next door.

Liu Tao allegedly led the young boy, nicknamed Xiaoming, out of the room after he first entered wanting to play. When he returned for the second time she reached for weapons and left the boy bleeding on the ground, missing several fingers and with his penis completely severed.

The woman then fled the scene, but not before hiding the missing appendages.


Police caught up with the Tao in her home village and began interrogating her to locate where she had hidden the boys body parts, but she supposedly refused to cooperate.

Eventually his fingers and genitals were discovered within a vase and taken to the hospital, but doctors have already warned the child’s father that due to the amount of time that has passed the tissue may not successfully be reattached.

If Tao is proven to be suffering from a mental illness she may receive some leniency from authorities, but regardless of her state of mind Xiaoming’s life will never be the same.