Six-Year-Old’s Makes Surprise Discovery On First Ever Fishing Trip


Over 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface is water. Oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, ponds. It doesn’t take a genius to figure there’s a lot in that water we woudn’t expect.

Now although there’s definitely millions of fish, sharks, whales – and where I come from, shopping trolleys – on your first ever fishing trip you probably wouldn’t expect to catch what this six-year-old harpooned.

Okay, so she didn’t actually harpoon it. No, Leah Knewstub went magnet fishing with her family in Woking, Surrey, and out of nowhere, the kid brought up the last thing she’d expect to find.

Check it out below:

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That’s right, she found 300 live bullets.

And it doesn’t stop there as they also caught a shotgun barrell and… some significantly more boring things such as road signs and old bike frames.

Leah’s mum, Alexandra, said:

We had an awful lot of success. The first time we went, we managed to pull out 311 bullets.


Sounds to me like Leah and her parents were fishing at a crime scene…

Alexandra added:

We do live near Pirbright Army Training Centre but the number of bullets we’ve found is excessive. It seems a bit too odd.


Apparently the days fishing made little Leah feel ‘like a superhero’. I think she’ll be magnet fishing for life!