Skateboarder Falls 450ft Off Bridge When Stunt Goes Wrong

2YouTube/Richard Kochel

A video has emerged that apparently shows a skateboarder trying to grind down a massive 450ft suspension bridge.

The film is shot at the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and shows the skater looking happy before he starts his climb to the top of the bridge, with his friends laughing and joking as they record him.

He then appears to grind part of the bridge, but ends up falling 139 metres (456ft) into the Nieuwe Maas river as his friends scream.

But the video looks incredibly fake, and as one commentator noted on The Independent:

…the bridge at the beginning which we see him start climbing, and the bridge at the end don’t quite look the same, number and angle of cables, and the uprights are different but the shots are so short it is hard to tell, and the angle of the final cables seems very steep for him to be able to climb them without equipment. Finally he seems to fall from the near side and end up going into the river on the far side. What is supposed to have happened to him, even a fall into water from that height could be dangerous and its cold?

As well as that, Dutch publication Algemeen Dagblad reported local police as discrediting the footage, saying a fall from that height into water would result in death, and none had been reported.