Sky Sports News Presenter Kirsty Gallacher Hilariously Gets Her Words Confused

Ian West/PA

We all get our words mixed up from time to time, but most of us aren’t on live TV when we do.

Sky Sports News presenter Kirsty Gallacher suffered an unfortunate mishap on Monday as she announced the surprise sacking of Derby County manager Paul Clement.

Explaining to viewers that the former Chelsea and Real Madrid coach would be replaced for the remainder of the Championship campaign by Darren Wassall, Gallacher made the age old mistake of saying semen when you actually mean season.

That’s right, keep your eyes down, say the correct word and no one will notice.

Except, sadly they did.

That is depressingly accurate.

I’m sure Gallacher will bounce back soon enough. After all, at least she didn’t have a dildo waved in her face…