Sky Sports Presenter Makes Embarrassing Slip Of Tongue During Football Report


If you’re thinking about something, it’s inevitably and usually involuntarily going to come out of your mouth.

Take Jeremy Hunt for example – nice guy, but for some reason whenever he comes up on live TV, journalists can’t help but switch out his name for the C-bomb.

Probably because they were trying really hard not to, so obviously, it just slipped out.

And that might be the case with Sky Sports news presenter Kate Abdo. As she was ploughing through some football news, she made a pretty hilarious cock-up.

Bringing up the latest on Arsenal’s hunt for a striker, she got a little tongue-tied.

Abdo managed to seamlessly roll the name Alexandre Lacazette off her tongue, but when it came to moving on to Valencia defender Shkodran Mustafi, she had some trouble and blurted out a completely different word – not once, but twice.

Thanks to rugby player Jordi Murphy, her Freudian slip was caught on video:

And this isn’t the first time Sky Sports presenters have had a slip of the tongue.

Back in February, Kirsty Gallacher suffered an unfortunate mishap when she slipped out the word ‘semen’ instead of ‘season’.

And in the same month, Rugby analyst Jon Wells had a pretty bad cock-up when the back of his notepad showed a few childish penis drawings.

Hey, at least it makes for interesting TV.