Sky Sports Presenter Reveals What ‘Death’ Said To Her As She Lay Dying


Charlie Webster has revealed that she ‘spoke to death’ as she lay in a coma after contracting malaria in Rio. 

According to The Mirror, the Sky Sports presenter was moments from death after contracting a rare strain of malaria following a 3,000-mile charity cycle ride.

The TV star claims she remembers a medic coming into her hospital room and telling her ‘we need you to know that you are dying’.


Speaking to The Sun, Charlie recalled a traumatising vision where she saw Death himself and they discussed her survival.

She said: 

This is what is traumatising me a little bit — I remember having a conversation with Death and whether I was going to live or not.

I just saw myself and we were in this black space and we weren’t people, we were just an energy. Death said to me, ‘Come on, you’ve got to go’.

Charlie explained that there were ‘no words to describe the pain’ and she briefly believed she was ready to die. Thankfully, the star soon snapped out of it and decided to fight.


Thanks to the hard work of the doctors and nurses caring for her, Charlie pulled through and is now back home in the UK.

In a statement, she said:

I can’t thank the NHS and all the medical team at St James’s Hospital in Leeds enough.

The doctors, nurses, tropical diseases team – they’ve talked me through everything that has happened to me and really helped me to understand the seriousness of what I’ve been through and how hard my body has fought.

I’m thrilled to be discharged to continue my recovery. After weeks in isolation in hospital, I’m really looking forward to the little things, like being able to sit in the fresh air, with a cup of tea!

Charlie fell ill at the beginning of August, and her mother and brother flew over to Brazil while she was placed in a coma for nearly a week, before heading back to the UK in a special medical plane.

Here’s hoping Charlie’s road to recovery is a smooth one.