Skydivers Amazingly Recreate Awesome Game Of Quidditch At 14,000 Feet


A group of truly hardcore Harry Potter fans have actually brought to life one of the series’ most iconic scenes.

Clutching broomsticks, not to mention hurtling rapidly towards the ground from about 14,000 feet, a group of skydivers recreated a game of Quidditch, reports The Mirror.

The guys certainly went all out, equipping themselves with quaffles, goal posts, their Nimbus 2000s and – because you know, death – parachutes.

Not only are they incredibly brave, it turns out they’re also pretty damn good at Quidditch as the amazing footage shows the players somehow manage to score a goal – getting it through the hoop.

Admittedly the real life version wasn’t quite as competitive as the matches in the Harry Potter universe which, as I’m sure you’re all aware, can be pretty rough:


Unlike the matches in the books, the breathtaking stunt was part of an advert for Colombian telecommunications company ETB.

I’m pretty sure Gryffindor could find a place for these guys on the team…