Skyrim Mod Enderal Gets Its Own DLC, Check Out The Trailer Here


By now you’ve probably heard of Enderal, the incredible total conversion mod of Skyrim that took Bethesda’s open world classic and made an entirely new game. 

Clearly not content with adding dozens of hours worth of new content, mechanics, and story to Skyrim, the team at SureAI have just announced a substantial expansion to their already colossal mod – what a time to be alive.

Nicholas Lietzau will return as the project’s lead writer, along with most of the 14-strong team from SureAI.

According to the announcement post, the expansion will throw in nearly 20 hours of new quests, as well as weaving in a number of improvements and tweaks for the mod as a whole.

There’s a number of new story chapters on the way, as well as hidden talents, high level crafting, and an overhaul to skills system.

Check out the first trailer below.

Enderal: Forgotten Stories will be free to download, though no release has been set in stone just yet.