Skyrim’s Breathtaking Total Conversion Mod, Enderal, Is Now Available


maxresdefault-1-11Back in June, we wrote about Enderal – a total conversion mod for Skyrim that turned Bethesda’s open world epic into an entirely new game. 

The project was put together by SureAI – a team of 14 based in Munich – with the German version of the game released in early July to great acclaim.

Thankfully, the English version is now upon us, allowing even more gamers to enjoy Enderal in all its glory.

Enderal features an entirely new world, a rich lore, a housing system, overhauled leveling mechanics, and ‘an unconventional story with psychological and philosophical undercurrents’, which sounds pretty damn intriguing.

All told, the team at SureAI expect the game to take anywhere between 30 and 100 hours to finish, depending on how you play – not bad going for a free game.

You can download Enderal for free – provided you already own a copy of Skyrim PC, of course. Walk (or click) this way to claim it as your own.


Meanwhile, the remastered Skyrim: Special Edition will be making its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

While the console versions are set to come with official mod support, I can’t imagine Bethesda will allow a total conversion such as Enderal to make the cut unfortunately.