Slashy Souls Is The Mobile Spinoff Of Dark Souls Nobody Wanted


Stop the presses: Slashy Souls – A hastily made spinoff released for free on mobile devices to promote Dark Souls 3 isn’t actually that good.

Bandai Namco have worked with the videogame retailer GameStop to bring the world Slashy Souls. While it’s inspired by Dark Souls, it has no direct connection with the series, so don’t shit yourself trying to work out where it fits in canon.

The 16-bit effort is an endless runner type game, with a focus on difficult gameplay, spells, weapons, and bosses. The whole things smacks of marketing, which isn’t that shocking considering GameStop’s hand in the matter.

Presumably most of Bandai Namco were busy on other games, so they got the work experience kid to knock something out. You can watch a video of the gameplay below, or download the game yourself if you think you can stand the fun.

If you’re after, I dunno, an actual game with tight combat and depth, you can always just wait till April 16 for Dark Souls 3.