Smirnoff Release Huge 750ml Christmas Vodka Baubles

by : Lucy Connolly on : 09 Nov 2018 15:29
Smirnoff Release Vodka BaublesSmirnoff Release Vodka BaublesSmirnoff

It’s November, which means it’s officially acceptable to begin the countdown to Christmas. It’s 46 days, by the way, in case anyone’s wondering.

The Christmas adverts are coming thick and fast, the festive songs are getting played (albeit defiantly) on the work playlist, and lights are getting strung up in every major city.


Not forgetting, of course, that stores and brands are getting into the festive spirit by selling themed products just in time for present season.

And not one to be left out, Smirnoff have released perhaps the crème de la crème of Christmas-themed products, in the shape of a vodka bauble.

The vodka giant has created what every Christmas obsessed, vodka loving person (i.e. me) never even knew they needed. Because let me tell you – now that I’ve seen them, I need one.


According to Business Insider, Smirnoff has unveiled four limited-edition glass baubles which are filled with their famous No.21 vodka.

Smirnoff Release Vodka BaublesSmirnoff Release Vodka BaublesSmirnoff

Otherwise known as Smirnoff Red Label, this vodka is triple distilled and filtered 10 times, with Smirnoff themselves referring to it as ‘the world’s No. 1 vodka’.

Their website states:


Its classic taste has inspired other varieties throughout all four corners of the globe.

The baubles contain the equivalent of a 750ml bottle of vodka, meaning it’s the perfect drink to take to family gatherings and Christmas parties.

Each one of the four designs is unique, with the phrases ‘#BestGiftEver,’ ‘Don’t Get Lit, Drink Responsibly,’ ‘Mix & Mingle,’ and ‘Eat, Drink & Be Merry’ emblazoned across the front.

Smirnoff Release Vodka BaublesSmirnoff Release Vodka BaublesSmirnoff

Although the shape of the bottles might be slightly inconvenient, making it perhaps a tad difficult to pour, I can look past that because of how pretty they are.

And let’s be honest – pretty beats useful hands down, right? Well, it does when I’m shopping for winter coats anyway…

If anything, the baubles provide the perfect festive opportunity for an Instagram post and who doesn’t love a cheeky Insta? Exactly, no one.


You might not necessarily be able to hang these from your tree – because let’s face it, no one has ever managed to hang a 75cl bottle of vodka off a brittle tree branch – but the festive ornament can still look pretty in a window display.

The baubles cost $12.99 each (approximately £10) which is a bargain if I ever heard one! They will be available until the end of the holiday season in select locations.

But if vodka isn’t your thing, don’t worry because I have the perfect alternative. Well, The Lakes Distillery does because they’re selling gin-filled baubles.

First vodka, now gin – what a time to be alive!

Gin Baubles hang on treeGin Baubles hang on treeThe Lakes Distillery

These baubles are significantly smaller than Smirnoff’s alternatives, so you actually stand a chance of decorating your tree with them.

Each bauble contains 50ml of the spirit, the equivalent of two servings. You can either buy the baubles individually or – and this is clearly the better option – buy a pack of six. Dreamy.

The magical Christmas gin bauble gift set includes a selection of different gins – for the connoisseurs out there.

It features The Lakes Gin, The Lakes Sloe Gin – which has tasting notes of raspberry jam, cinnamon, orange citrus with hints of juniper and coriander – and The Lakes Damson Gin, which is made using fresh cherries, ripe plums and juniper berries with hints of spice.

A single 20cl baubles retail at £17.95, and you can buy them directly from The Lakes Distillery website and social media pages.

But due to economy of drinking, the 6-pack Gin Gin gift set, which holds 6 measures of 5cl (ABV: 43.7 per cent), retails at a round £29.95.

A perfect way to christen your Christmas tree or maybe buy as a gift for your Secret Santa.

I’ll race you there?

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