Smoothies With Anti-Police Slogans Inscribed On Them Recalled

by : Robert Mann on : 19 Sep 2021 10:57
Smoothies With Anti-Police Slogans Inscribed On Them RecalledAlamy

French retailer Monoprix has reportedly recalled a smoothie range after its packaging featured obscene drawings, sexual comments and an anti-police slogan. 

The Bottle of True Fruits smoothies, which are aimed at teenagers, featured the anti-police acronym ‘ACAB,’ short for ‘all cops are b*stards’, with the retail chain forced to pull its stock.


The ACAB acronym originates in 1920s England, however, it has become even more prevalent in the wake of George Floyd‘s murder by police officer Derek Chauvin.

Smoothies containing the controversial drawings (@Jean_Robert_29/Twitter)@Jean_Robert_29/Twitter

The inclusion of the controversial slogan on the bottles was quick to catch the attention of France’s police unions, as per Le Parisien.

Condemning the ‘anti-cop hate’ on social media, the Alliance Police Nationale – the nation’s largest police union – slammed True Fruits and Monoprix for allowing the smoothies to have the comments on its product, describing the slogan’s inclusion as the ‘perfect way to destroy police-population relations.’


Axel Ronde, the general secretary of the Police En Avant! union, tweeted: ‘How can you tolerate anti-police inscriptions on your product, @truefruits?’

On Tuesday,  September 14, Monoprix reacted to the backlash by announcing it had decided to remove the incriminating products from its shelves.

‘Product packaging of the True Fruits brand bears intolerable inscriptions and does not conform to our values,’ the tweet said.


‘We have immediately alerted the supplier and are withdrawing it from the affected stores’, it added.

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    Smoothies range with 'all cops are bastards' acronym on the bottles are removed from shelves after police unions react with fury, reports say

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