Snapchat Are Going To Let Brands Advertise On Your Selfies


Because you’ve always wanted ads in the middle of your rainbow vomit and wide eyed emojis, Snapchat is reportedly bringing in sponsored lenses which will add brands to your silly selfies.

And it looks like companies are keen to get their names out there very soon, during what is sure to be a selfie-obsessed Halloween, with the new advertiser-driven graphics packages expected to be available as early as the end of October.

A report from the Financial Times claims that the new lenses will be targeted around major events, last for just one day, and cost up to $750,000 (£495,000) for advertisers, which is a heck of a price to pay for the dubious honour of being a part of your 10-second duck-faced pout of the day.


Still, considering that Snapchat has hundreds of millions of monthly active users, there’s a lot of exposure for businesses up for grabs here.

The report comes about two weeks after the introduction of lenses, the constantly shifting filters that can be applied to your pictures and videos. It really didn’t take long for the whole thing to go corporate, did it?

The question now is how the brands will make their appearance in your selfies. Will they be hidden away in the corner or are you going to be able to turn your eyes into McDonald’s logos or be photobombed by Amazon? The possibilities really are endless…