Snapchat Is About To Make Its Biggest Change Yet


In genuinely big social media news, Snapchat has introduced a new feature that allows you to save photos and videos sent to you on the app.

Yep, the very essence of Snapchat is changing as the focus will no longer be on a series of ‘snaps’ that quickly disappear into the ether.

According to the Telegraph, the new feature – called Memories – will allow you to hold on to photos and videos.

App users will be able to access their phone’s camera roll from within the app, and photos and videos can now be edited and combined to create new ‘stories’.

There will also be the added option to send saved photos to friends or add them to their Snapchat story way after they were taken – although any pictures sent more than 24-hours after they are taken will be flagged to the user.

Not everyone is happy about the update – with some worrying it’ll affect the authenticity and immediacy of the app:

However, something that everyone is more keen on is the new password-protected section called ‘My Eyes Only’ for, well, you can probably guess.

The update will also be able to use image-recognition – sorting images so you can search for photos saved by date, location or even image contents.


The new update will be rolled out to users over the next month and they’ll get a message when it’s ready to use.

Overall it sounds like they’re going down the Instagram route, but it does seem like it’ll be losing some of what people love about it.