Snapchat Video From 115mph Crash That Killed Five Released

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Snapchat footage has emerged showing the moments before a 22-year-old man driving at 115mph killed five people in a fatal crash in Florida.


The driver, Pablo Cortes III, and the passenger Jolie Bartolome, 19, both died in the crash on Wednesday which also took the lives of a female driver and her two young children.

The speedometer filter on the app has revealed that Cortes was driving his blue Volkswagen Golf at a dangerous 115mph near Coconut Pal Drive in Tampa, the Daily Mail reports.

crash3crash3Cortes with his prize Golf - Facebook

At the time of the crash, Florida Highway Patrol said that it was likely one of the cars was speeding, and the footage has confirmed these suspicions.


The video shows the pair driving on the same road that they crashed head-on into 39-year-old Marianela Murillo’s white Toyota Sienna minivan, killing her and her two children.

crashcrashLina Bernal - Facebook

Her children John Bernal, 9, and Isabell Bernal, 10 were killed after Cortes’ Golf crossed the central reservation, before then also colliding with a Toyota Scion which injured 54-year-old widow Carla Marie Juncal Wyman who luckily has survived.

crashkidscrashkidsIsabell and John - Facebook

Two other passengers were in Murillo’s minivan, including her 18-year-old daughter Lina Bernal and a 15-year-old girl identified as Luisa Louisa who were both rushed to Tampa General Hospital in a critical condition.

Witnesses reported that the accident may have been caused by street racing but no evidence has been found to support that theory.

Jolie Bartolome - FacebookJolie Bartolome - FacebookJolie Bartolome - Facebook

Passenger Bartolome is heard laughing as Cortes increases his speed and pans the camera to show him slamming on his gearshift.


Pablo Cortes’ mother, Maria Cortes, wrote on her Facebook:

All I ask is respect for us at this time and prayers for our entire family. God knows all things.

crash1crash1Pablo Cortes III - Facebook

A GoFundMe page has been launched by one of Marianela’s family members to raise money to ‘give them a proper burial and to assist with anything the survivors will need’.

More than £25,000 has been raised so far.

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