Snapchat’s Unbiased Mecca Live Stream Shows True Side Of Islam



Snapchat’s ability to tell stories from the perspective of the public is one of its major selling points – and the reason it is one of the biggest social platforms in the world today.

And this week, the platform opened Mecca to the rest of the world as thousands shared incredible images of Islam’s holiest city. It was eye-opening to say the least.

The app stitched together images and videos from countless worshippers which showed millions around the world the true, peaceful side of Islam, often neglected by the mainstream media.

Snaps featured posts from waves of people at the event, as well as those who were in transit in order to take part. One image that was tweeted highlighted just how many people were there to pray, and it was a breathtaking sight indeed.

Other pictures showed people praying toward the Ka’ba, which is known amongst Muslims as the “house of god”, and Snaps of hundreds of volunteers who provide pilgrims, the poor and the homeless with food, also did the rounds.

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Much of the praise for Snapchat’s unbiased streaming of the monumental event came from from both Muslims and non-Muslims on Twitter…

And possibly one of the most poignant tweets to come out of the trend was this one, showing the contrasts of Islam, or what the mainstream media portray as Islam…

Snapchat is used by a range of different people, who all have different outlooks on life, but one thing is for sure after #Mecca_live, socia media continues to let people make their own minds up – and it’s working.