Sneak Peak At Rick And Morty Season 3

by : Tom Percival on : 27 Dec 2016 13:30

Rick and Morty ended Season Two on quite the cliff-hanger, with everyone’s favourite demented and drunken scientist being locked up for the crime of ‘everything’.


Ever since fans of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s bizarre cartoon extravaganza have been ‘squanching’ for Season Three so as a special festive treat they’ve released a three minute clip from the upcoming season.

It seems that life will be getting back to normal – well as normal as it gets – pretty quickly for our favourite scientific adventurers who in this clip go on a quick 20 minute adventure to get a crystal, because as Rick says it will make him ‘awesome’.

undefinedAdult Swim

Unfortunately for Morty – who was just about to finally make his move on Jessica – the adventure ends up taking six days, complete with an epic space battle and a Star Wars style medal ceremony.


While it may seem like business as usual for the pair this particular adventure seems to leave a mark, with both our favourite heroes nihilistic alcoholic and his idiotic grandson questioning their actions.

Adult Swim

Even the usually unflappable Rick describes the situation as ‘seriously fucked up’, noting he had no control over the situation, and poor Morty saying ‘[He] can’t do this anymore’.

While in a normal series this would probably lead to some serious soul searching we’ve no doubt that this’ll just springboard Rick and Morty into even more bizarre adventures, particularly as Rick says he needs a vacation.

Sounds good to us, just please god no more inter-dimensional cable. You got it right the first time!

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