Snoop Dog Caught Up At Customs After Failing To Declare £270k In Cash

sdg webGuardian

Snoop Dog found himself in trouble for the second time in the space of a few days after thinking it was ok to carry a huge wad of cash through customs.

The rapper was traveling through an airport with £270,000 in cash – and given the limit is £7,000, he obviously found himself in a spot of bother. According to ANSA, the actual issue was that he failed to declare the cash, but then it’s not like most people would think to tell him that, given it’s not exactly normal to carry that much money around.


Half his cash was left in the Lamenzia Terme airport in Calabria and it follows him being stopped in Sweden on suspicion of using drugs – something that did not go down too well with the rapper, who claimed that he would never be returning to the country again.

Clearly things are never boring in the life of Snoop Dog.