Snow Helps Police Catch Drug Dealers Growing Cannabis

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You might wanna think ahead of the game if you’re a cannabis grower in a snowy climate.

Weed is hard to hide, and while I do not – nor have I ever – condoned the activity of growing it illegally, it’s a ballsy move. The stuff f**king stinks and can’t exactly be squished into a tiny bag. At least in its initial stage of growth.

Sniffer dogs usually grass cannabis growers out but now, thanks to a pro-tip from Dutch police that has gone viral again, we can confirm that SNOW can sometimes be the best detector.

Take a look at his pic for me:

Haarlem Police

Snowy roof, apart from that middle section. What’s that all about? Did the owner brush it all off but not consider his neighbours. No, I’ll tell you right now what’s going on. That innocent little Dutchman, or men, or women (this is 2018), has been growing so much weed it’s melted the snow from their roof.

This, to Dutch bobbies, is what they call ‘a huge slap-you-in-the-face giveaway that will almost definitely result in some kind of sentence.’ Sad!

The image was originally shared in 2015 and has been a massive pain in the ass to would-be dealers ever since.


Brits have received warnings to look after themselves due to a series of ‘snow blizzards’ set to batter the UK.

The so-called ‘Beast from the East’ is set to generate four days of snow, with temperatures set to drop to as low as -15°C in certain areas of the country.

Train operators Southeastern and Great Northern urged their customers to get home early, ideally before 6pm, amid fears severe weather conditions would shut down transport.

The Met Office has put in place amber warnings for the East Midlands, East of England, North East, West Midlands and Yorkshire & Humber on Tuesday (February 27) with rising concerns over the impact of snow.


Three other yellow weather warnings are in place from February 26 to Wednesday, February 28, across the UK and the Met Office are reporting the weather will bring with it risk to human life.

Wednesday and Thursday were reportedly set set to be the coldest days with temperatures dropping to the double-minus figures overnight.

Don’t risk it guys. Stay safe.