So Apparently Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend, Or Wingman At Least


Owning a dog can increase your sex appeal, so says a study carried out by the University of Nevada.

Researchers from the university teamed up with PetSmart and to question 1,210 single pet owners, and the results convincingly demonstrated positive associations between owning a dog and someone’s dating prospects.

The study found that about a third of women, and a quarter of men quizzed were attracted to someone based on their canine companion.

The study, which was made up of 21 questions, also indicated that over a fifth of men deliberately used their pet as a means of securing a date. The women interviewed were less manipulative in their tactical approach to dating, with just six per cent confessing to utilising the appeal of their pet to get a date.

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The results of the study are set to be published in the latest edition of the journal Anthrozoös, and it also suggested that canines are top of the pile in terms of how they affect a man’s chances with a woman.

Dog ownership registered as five times more attractive than cat ownership to women, and telling a lady you have a rabbit, bird, or reptile at home is not a smart move apparently.

Amanda Seyfried is on to something with this tweet, as a whopping 64 per cent of women and 49 per cent of men answered that ownership of rescue animals was even more desirable.

Remember though, a dog is not just for Christmas or for pulling, the attractive quality is that the animal is cared for.