So It Turns Out Sharks Aren’t As Deadly As We Thought



You know how we consider sharks to be seriously scary, deadly creatures?

Well according to GOOD, we’re wrong, with data showing that sharks actually only kill 10 humans each year, which is far less than some animals we consider to be friendly.

Dogs meanwhile are something to be terrified of, killing 40,000 per year, and even hippos kill more than the lowly shark, with 500 deaths attributed to them.

All of this is small change compared to mosquitos, who kill 725,000 people per year – and rather alarmingly, our fellow humans are responsible for the deaths of 475,000 people. Yeah, that’s me locking my door tonight.

Of course, this could well be because we spend far more time around dogs and hippos (apparently), and it’s not really saying that sharks aren’t deadly – because lets be honest, would you really fancy your chances when involved in a one on one fight with a shark?

Yeah, me either.