Social Media Murder Suspects Ask Public For Follow On Twitter And Snapchat

IMG-5417-JPGWYFF News 4

This is what we’ve come to, murder in the social media age, where people beg the public to ‘follow them on Twitter’ as they appear in court.

Jamari Trayvar Fair, 18, Dennis Ezell Gibbs, 19, and Albert Lavern Taylor, 22, face murder charges, as well as assault and battery by a mob and possession of a weapon during a violent crime after a shooting at a bowling alley, WYFF News 4 reports.

FaceThumbEasley Police

But as they appeared in court they seemed more interested in the media presence, with Taylor – who is believed to be the shooter – asking the judge about the cameras in the room.

Seizing the opportunity to rack up some more followers, Taylor and Gibbs then turned to the cameras, saying: “What’s up, y’all? You can follow me on Twitter follow me on Instagram, Snapchat.”

The group were in court over the murder of Kejuan Brown, 17, who was shot and killed at a bowling alley in Easley, South Carolina on Wednesday.

According to Easley Police Chief Tim Tollison the victim knew the suspects, and they’d been involved in an argument on social media before the shooting.

They allegedly met at the bowling alley to settle their dispute with a fight, when things escalated.

Easley PoliceAlbert Taylor - Credit: Easley Police

Social media arguments turning into real life murder, and suspected murderers asking the public to follow them on Twitter – we’re fucked.