Some Of The Best Airports In The World You Wouldn’t Mind Being Delayed In

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No one likes a delayed flight, or getting stuck in an airport for any longer than necessary.


Up until today, that is. Because we have right here a selection of the best damn airports in the world, the kind of airports that you would happily spend the night in. Or a week.

Incheon International Airport

This South Korean airport offers fliers a whole range of activities to indulge in while waiting for their departure, including two cinemas, a museum, seven gardens, an 18-hole putting course and an ice skating rink.

If that wasn’t enough, you can also catch some live music and dance performances in the culture centre. And if all that excitement has got you a bit sweaty, there are free showers to take advantage of. It’s also the cleanest airport in the world.


Show off.

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Kuala Lumpar International Airport

Called the ‘airport in the forest’, as it’s surrounded by forests containing 86 species of trees. It also features quite a lot of greenery inside.

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Singapore Changi Airport


Next up is this airport in Singapore, offering users access to Xbox 360 and PlayStation games, a cinema and even a replica Hobbit Hole.

Eleven full-time horticulturists work on the indoor gardens, which includes waterfalls, half a million plants and koi ponds.

On top of that it is also home to the world’s tallest slide in an airport, The Slide @ T3.

Fischer B:Corbis ChangiFischer B:Corbis ChangiFischer B/Corbis
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McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

Blown all your money in Vegas? Don’t worry, you can spend the rest of your trip exploring the five different art displays in the airport.

Not blown all your money? There are 1,234 slot machines throughout the airport, so you can drain those bank accounts before heading home.

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Munich Airport

Home to the only fully-fledged beer garden in an airport, in the world, as well as an in-airport brewery, Munich Airport is ideal for anyone who enjoys getting pissed. Which is most people. You might as well just stay in the airport.

On top of that, it’s also home to an artificial wave pool, where people can pass the time surfing.

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