Somebody Turned The Death Star Into An Awesome Roller Coaster

by : Ewan Moore on : 26 Jan 2017 11:24

Do you remember the final act of A New Hope? Of course you do – the destruction of the Death Star is one of the most iconic scenes of all time.


I’m sure you remember when, in the middle of an explosive space battle, Luke Skywalker sends his ship barrelling through the trenches of the Death Star in a last-ditch attempt to destroy the Empire’s superweapon?

It’s such a fantastic concept for a rollercoaster that after seeing Chuck Maurice’s fantastic Planet Coaster mod, it’s all I can think about – check it out in action below.

Death Star Strike – as Maurice has christened it – is quite simply the coolest virtual roller coaster I’ve ever laid eyes on. That’s a rather niche title, I grant you, but still.


Chuck reveals on Reddit that there were eight people working on various parts of the ride and queuing area, with Chuck himself putting a whopping 100 hours into putting all together on his own.

The whole shebang has literally pushed Planet Coaster to its limits, mind. It’s so stuffed with sound effects and explosions that he wouldn’t be able to add anything else, even if wanted to.

To give the Death Star ride a whirl for yourself, head over and download the mod from the Steam Workshop.

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