Someone Actually Brought Their ‘Emotional Support Turkey’ On A Plane With Them


Nervous flyers often need a bit of support when getting on a plane – but this passenger brought something outrageous on with them.

According to Yahoo News, people on board an internal US Delta Air Lines flight were amazed to see a live turkey boarding their plane.

Apparently someone had brought the ‘therapy pet’ along for emotional support.


Pictures of the bird on board the plane were posted onto Reddit by user ‘biggestlittlepickle’, who wrote: 

My neighbour is a flight attendant.

He just posted this photo of someone’s ‘therapy pet’ on his flight.

Instagram user ‘marlenasoul’ posted her own pictures of the bird seemingly confirming that the support turkey is actually real:

The turkey does looks pretty comfortable in his surroundings to be fair, which is a good job as emotional support animals are companions which provide therapeutic benefit to people with mental or psychiatric disabilities.

Admittedly they are usually dogs and cats, rather than farmyard fowl.

Airlines in the US do allow passengers to travel with their emotional support buddies however the rules are different in the UK.

British Airways will allow passengers to travel with an assistance dog in the cabin with prior agreement, but all other emotional support animals need to travel in the hold.

Sounds dogist to me.