Someone Decided To Get Vigilante Justice On Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department

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AP/Morry Gash

Supporters of Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery have been making their feelings well known, but it seems they might have gone a bit too far this time.


The Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department – whose role in Avery’s 2007 conviction has been widely criticised after the release of the hit Netflix series – has received a bomb threat, allegedly from a supporter.


Someone called in the bomb threat on Wednesday evening, causing an evacuation of the area. They allegedly directed the threat ‘Justice for Steven’ at officers.

The county’s police department – a separate department which had earlier been subjected to mistaken Twitter abuse from Avery supporters – confirmed the details on social media.




Police said the bombs were believed to be inside the building and a vehicle in the parking lot.

The all-clear was eventually given and no bombs were found, according to ABC News.


This incident comes just days after Avery – who was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Teresa Halbach – wrote a letter thanking his supporters for their efforts.  He has protested his innocence throughout the process.

Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department play a huge role in the ten-part documentary, as Avery’s defence team accused its officers of manipulating evidence and framing Avery for murder.

AP/Morry Gash

The Netflix series about his trial has led thousands to call for his release from prison.

Prior to his current conviction, Avery, 53, spent 18 years behind bars for a sexual assault he did not commit. He was released in 2003 after DNA evidence proved his innocence, but he was then convicted in 2007 of killing Teresa Halbach.

AP/Morry Gash

I’m surprised they didn’t just pin this bomb threat on Avery as well…

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