Someone Has Calculated How Much The Office’s Jim Halpert Spent Pranking Dwight Schrute


This figure must have taken roughly as long calculating as it did for Jim to pull off each individual prank.

The ongoing battle between Jim and Dwight eventually blossomed into a strong friendship with a good degree of mutual respect, but it certainly did not come for free.

Based on this list of pranks one Reddit user provided a detailed estimate of the required funds, and he even compiled them into this handy spreadsheet as evidence.

The costs involved with each prank ranged from those that were free up to just over $3000 (£1980).

Once the figures were all totted up the total cost came in at approximately $5590.95 (£3691.15), and with an average cost of $62.82 per caper (£41.47).


The most expensive prank of all was the one where Jim and Pam learned morse code to talk about the beet farmer directly in front of him. The believed cost for this prank was a staggering $3,120 (£2059.82).

Wow, Jim must have been one hell of a salesman to cover those costs with his commissions.

A hole was poked in the maths behind the spreadsheet, with some of the free jokes being questioned. For example, the Velcro suit gag had been calculated as free.

But as pointed out by Buzzfeed, Jim states the suit was ‘custom ordered’.

Now if that is true it obviously would not be free, but I don’t think it would reach the $700 (£462.14) estimated by Buzzfeed. Do you really think Dwight K. Schrute would pay that for a suit? No Chance. At best Jim and Pam bought the same cheap suit and then there was the added cost of Velcro.

So Jim probably did spend a bit more, but thank God he did. Imagine the show if he hadn’t found the cash and it was just him actually working?

Thank you Jim Halpert, for your reckless disregard for your young families financial future.