Someone Has Just Live Streamed A Fake Harambe Funeral


It’s been over three months since millions of hearts were broken across the world after a little known gorilla called Harambe was shot dead by zookeepers after a child fell into his enclosure.

The public outcry spawned a metric shit ton of memes (which Cincinnati Zoo weren’t mega keen on), a fake sex tape was leaked and people even wanted a Pokémon to be created in his memory.


But who would have guessed it would go this far?

Super Deluxe decided to present a fake Harambe funeral and its footage is gripping viewers everywhere:

Pay your final respects to Harambe: His funeral is happening LIVE.

From Live Super Deluxe

Posted by Super Deluxe on Friday, 2 September 2016

Almost 600,000 people have viewed the ape getting a proper sendoff yesterday afternoon and thousands have reacted, shared, and commented.

To make the whole event even more awkward, an open casket was placed in front of the entrance to the Cincinnati Zoo. Cringe.

Harambe’s ‘family’ hugged him and left him bananas (of course), while other attendees struggled to hide their grief. Some took photos and others left flowers before walking away.

harambeSuper Deluxe/Facebook

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more inappropriate, a little boy’s voice was then broadcast over the live stream, as he said: “I’m sorry. It was an accident. I want to play in the lake. Let’s go back to the water,” adding: “You’re famous now!”

The boy then stood by the casket to conclude one of the most fucked up tributes to the silverback gorilla anyone has ever seen. What a spectacle.


R.I.P Harambe, gone, but clearly never forgotten.