Someone Hilariously Tried To Break Up A Violent Riot With Pepsi

by : UNILAD on : 24 Apr 2017 16:27
YouTube/Vito Gesualdi

Just a few weeks ago Pepsi tried to cure the escalating tensions of America with a can of their sugary drink and Kendall Jenner – they failed, but one guy is giving it another go.


With violent riots breaking out in Berkeley, California, it was the perfect moment to put the so-called ‘Pepsi method’ to the test.

Mind you, Pepsi ‘missed the mark’ so drastically they had to pull the advert completely.

undefinedYouTube/Vito Gesualdi

Vito Gesualdi’s video shows the riot in full swing, with people fighting in the street and clashing with police as they fail to diffuse the escalating situation.


Vito then rocks up to the scene – can in hand – ready to ‘heal the divide.’

undefinedYouTube/Vito Gesualdi

Despite his best efforts though, this was clearly not going to be the case…

After the police tried to stop him from entering the protest – for fear the cans will be used as weapons – he eventually makes it in and starts handing out his gear.

He hands a can to one of the more subdued members at the riot who stands in hope the mere holding of the can will result in the breaking up of the protest.

Check it out:

Vito says:


People are so divided, we can’t even hand over a can of soft drink in this country.

Next he tries to tackle a fight which has just broken out, saying ‘I got to get in there’ and can be seen pushing his way through the crowd offering a can of Pepsi to the scrapping guys.

undefinedYouTube/Vito Gesualdi

He even tried tackling police to see if they could be bought over with a can of soft drink, but still no!

He exclaimed:

Damn it, it’s never going to work. I’m never going to bring this country together.

He then tries to make his way over to where some hardcore rioters are positioned, kitted out in black with their faces covered to see if he can share the love.

undefinedYouTube/Vito Gesualdi

Obviously this doesn’t work out and any old shit lying around starts getting thrown about, including a bagel and road cone…

He has a final shot at trying to make peace with police before giving up completely and heading to the farmer’s market.

Tragically, towards the end of the footage, a can can be seen flying in the air thus proving they are more likely cheap missiles than tools of diplomacy.


Vito conceded:

I don’t know if I can call that a success.

Yes, I handed out a lot of Pepsis, but they pretty much ended up getting thrown at people…I feel like if I could have convinced one cop to take a can of Pepsi then maybe things could have changed, but for the time being, our county remains divided.

undefinedYouTube/Vito Gesualdi

It didn’t work for Kendall, and sadly not for Vito either.

At least he tried, although it seems America’s going to need more than a can of Pepsi to solve its problems.

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YouTube/ Vito Gesualdi
  1. YouTube/ Vito Gesualdi

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