Someone Is Photoshopping Donald Trump On The Queen’s Face And It’s Terrifying


The Internet has brought us some weird and questionable trends: Harambe, the Mannequin Challenge, the Bad Luck Brian memes, and now? Donald Trump photoshopped on the Queen’s face.

Created straight from the depths of hell, the images have been shared across social media by user OGTrumpQueen.

They first cropped up months ago, but after slowly building steam on Instagram, they’ve crept right into our nightmares.

The creator of these images, graphic designer Michal Krauthamer, claims the hellish photos are: “…not about politics. It’s about the magic of Photoshop and making you laugh.”

Are we laughing, Michal? Or are we internally screaming?

If you don’t already feel extremely uncomfortable, this one should do it:

As always with the Internet, I have no idea why these are here, but they are, so embrace it.

For the full archive of fucking weird Trump/Queen Photoshops, head to Krauthamer’s Instagram.