Someone Photoshopped An Innocent Sikh Man To Frame Him For Paris Attacks


So this is what it’s come to – on Saturday, a photoshopped image began to circulate on social media, alleging to show one of the Paris attackers wearing a suicide vest.

As reported by Buzzfeed, the image gained so much traction, it was even shared by one of the largest (unofficial) pro-ISIS channels on Telegram – the app which the extremist group used to take credit for the attacks in Paris.


Fortunately, the image quickly began to generate skepticism from users with a brain, given that the man appears to be Sikh and what he’s holding is clearly an iPad photoshopped to look like a Koran.


Also, how exactly would one take a mirror selfie without using some sort of photography device? Use your heads, people!

It turned out the man in the photo was Veerender Jubbal, a Canadian man who is Sikh, who confirmed in a series of tweets that his image was deliberately being edited and misinformation spread.

He also noted he’d never actually been to Paris.

Jubbal attributed the faked image to supporters of GamerGate, a controversial online movement with whom he has been arguing via the Internet for the past year.

GamerGate supporters then tweeted their joy at the news that Jubbal had been incorrectly labelled as a terrorist, a reaction which didn’t exactly do much to quell their negative image.

You stay classy…

This isn’t the first example of misinformation circulating on social media regarding the Paris attacks – be careful what you believe online everyone!